radikal jüdisch

> Portfolio Graphic Design Webdesign based on WordPress. “radikal_juedisch” is an educational collective that creates opportunities for encounters from a young Jewish perspective and facilitates education, process support, counseling and self-empowerment. Client: radikal_juedisch

Die Blaue Zone

> Portfolio Illustration Graphic Design Illustrations and design of postcards, website and social media graphics. “Die Blaue Zone” is a project for exchange and being active for people above 55 years. Client: Kulturzentrum Pavillon


it's a picture in poster format. in the background there is a big 3d illustration of an 90's nokia phone. the phone is in transparent violet material and is surrounded by stars, hearts and other flying objects of the same material. in the middle of the poster there is "Voicemail" written in a 3D Font, that has the appeareance of acrylic glass. in front of it there is a text saying "Performance, Spoken Word, Comedy". on the sides of the poster there is text in a pixel font, saying "#12", "19:00, 20.Mai 2023" and a blinking-eye-smiley.

> Portfolio a collection of social media images for Voicemail Illustration Graphic Design Illustration and graphic design for posters, and social media. Voicemail is an event series with performance, spoken word and comedy of people of the asian diaspora in Berlin. Client: Voicemail 2023

Diversitätscheck Grundschulbücher

> Portfolio Illustration Graphic Design Flyer and Illustrations for the project “(un)sichtbar?! Diversitätscheck Grundschulbücher” ((in)visible?! diversity check for primary school books).  2023

United Networks

> Portfolio Graphic Design Poster and sharepics for United Networks’ “Action Days” , a network for marginalized artists and people working in the cultural sector. Client: United Networks 2023


> Portfolio Graphic Design Design for website, social media and poster for the  #strongertogether, a network for intersectional festivals and events. Client: #strongertogether 2023

Magic Meyers Late Night Show

The Logo of Magic Meyer's Late Night show as a 3D Illustration of a neon sign

> Portfolio http://srisnt.de/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Magic-Meyer-2.mp4 Motion Design Graphic Design Logo-Design, postcard layout and animation of the logo as a digital neon sign (made in Blender) for “Magic Meyer’s Late Night Show”. Client: Staatstheater Hannover / Universen

like a fish out of salty water

> Portfolio postcard for the performance “like a fish out of salty water” Illustration Graphic Design Illustration and design of postcards and a poster for the performance “like a fish out of salty water” Client: Kollektiv Ahmad-Haschemi/ Christians